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Free Five Part Public Presentation
COVID: The Proposed Draconian Vaccine Mandates

• SB 871 – Forced COVID Vaccinations For All Schoolchildren, Public & Private
• SB 866 – No Parental Consent Necessary For Ages 12-17
• AB 1993 – COVID Vaccinations Required For All Employees
• The CDC/FDA VAERS Website Reports 13,000 COVID Vaccine-Related Deaths
• Proposed Mandates Will Mean Death Sentences For Thousands, Young & Old
• Vaccines Are Ineffective: The Vaccinated Still Get, Spread, And Die From COVID
• Vaccines Are Unnecessary: Early Treatment Is Far Safer, More Effective

 Dr. Fox With Unvaccinated 85 y.o. Who
Survived COVID With Early Multi-Drug
Treatment, Never Even Hospitalized

  • Part One: Thursday, April 14, 7 PM Early Treatment as The Vax Alternative: The Safer and More Effective Way to Fight COVID Special Guests: George Fareed, M.D., Harvey Risch, M.D., Ph.D. Internationally Recognized Experts On Early Treatment Of COVID
    View video here

  • Part Two: Thursday, April 21, 7 PM School-Mandated Vaccines: Your Child or Grandchild Has Nothing to Gain, Everything to Lose, Including Myocarditis & Death Special Guests: Alix Mayer, Kristina Kristen (Children’s Health Defense)
    View video here

  • Part Three: Thursday, April 28, 7 PM Deadly Employer-Mandated Vaccines: Fleeting Immunity, Lasting Harms/Death Special Guest:  Mike Rogers
    View video here

  • Part Four: Thursday, May 5, 7 PM The Corrupt COVID Scam: A Power and Money Grab By Big Pharma, Federal (NIH, CDC, FDA), State, & Local Governments Special Guest: Alix Mayer
    View video here

  • Part Five: Thursday, May 12, 7 PM The Man-Made COVID Catastrophe: Legislative Reforms Needed To Stop It And See That It Never Happens Again Special Guests: George Fareed, M.D., Mike Rodgers
    View video here

 •  Presented By Dr. Richard Fox, Physician, Attorney, Libertarian Republican
•  Knows The Medicine, Knows The Law, Will Fight For Everyone In Your Family
•  Candidate For CD16; Seat Now Held By Rep. Eshoo, Chair of House Health
   Subcommittee That Oversees The NIH, CDC, & FDA, Thinks Dr. Fauci Is Great

 Paid For By Dr. Fox For Congress


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